Crystal Balls…wouldn’t that make everything in medicine and life so much easier… Oh wait, we kinda do have this available to us as pet owners and veterinarians. The same reason our doctors order regular bloodwork on us, this is a viable option for our pets. Most of us may not totally understand the importance, to justify the expense, but what if I said that a few indicators performed annually could potentially extend Fido’s time with us significantly. Preventative or Baseline bloodwork performed annually can do several things, it can allow us to determine each individuals “normal” baseline, secondly we can see trends when performed regularly, and thirdly we can possibly diagnose diseases earlier increasing long-term survivability.

So often, we see sick patients present for a whole host of reasons, vomiting, not acting right, not eating, the list goes on. A lot of these cases are later diagnosed with end stage something or other. Between you and me, end stage anything, means; there is not a whole lot of anything we can do to make these patients better. It’s heartbreaking for the clients, it’s defeating to veterinarians and the staff, it hangs heavy on all the people that knew and loved the pets.

Preventative bloodwork allows us to catch all these things at more of an incidental finding stage. A stage that is not greatly impacting the quality of life of the pet or the owner, a stage that if detected early may be very manageable with a diet change and supplements.

We have teamed up with Idexx Laboratories and together have developed a couple extensive panels that combine a lot of the regular annual testing like fecal and heartworm/lyme testing with routine bloodwork checking organ function including, Red cells, white blood cells, kidney, liver, thyroid, blood sugar and the list goes on. These panels have been given to us at a temporarily reduced price, that we are passing on to our pet owners for the next six months. We want to see lots of normal values coming back, but in the case we do find something worth addressing, we look forward to catching them early and managing them appropriately.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule your pets annual testing ASAP!